Man Arrested for Sixth DUI

Getting behind the wheel is dangerous. Not only do you have to pay attention and make sure you are a careful driver but you also have to worry about other drivers. One of the most dangerous things on the road is drunk drivers. People who get on the road after consuming alcohol are putting themselves and everyone else on the road. However, not everyone who is accused of this crime is legally drunk, even if they have a history.

A Delaware man was arrested late this April for his sixth DUI offense. Police arrived at a wreck that involved three vehicles. The man driving failed to remain stopped at a stop sign and pulled out in front of a SUV. After he was hit by the SUV, the man continued down the road where he hit a stopped car. The accident did not result in any life threatening injuries.

Despite the number of DUIs in this man’s case, he is still entitled to strong legal defense. Even people with a history of problems can have an unfair charged laid upon them. No matter if it’s your first DUI or your sixth, seek assistance from a skilled legal professional like the ones at Kellis Law. Call our offices for more information.