Lawyer Argues Alcohol was not involved in Fatal Car Accident involving Teen

According to statements made by a trooper to the court, the lawyer for Ethan Kenny, a 19-year-old who being charged with DUI and homicide by vehicle, is arguing that the state has not proved its case that alcohol was involved in the crash that killed Catherine Healy back in June of 2012.  According to attorney Sam Davis “”It was an accident that, disregarding the alcohol, was horrible but could have happened the same way. That’s the difference between homicide by vehicle while DUI and just a straight homicide by vehicle,”

Davis added “No, I don’t think alcohol was a direct, proximate, substantial cause of this tragedy.”  Ethan Kenny was the driver in an automobile accident in which Healy was the passenger when the vehicle went off the road, hit a guard post, and struck a tree after going airborne.

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