Is it common for teens to get arrested for a DUI that does not end in tragedy?

Well, it’s less than what you might expect, which is good.  I looked at all our annual reports and it was much more of a problem ten years ago then it is today and I’m not exactly sure why.  Just looking at the stats, the highest year we had was 2001, where we had 83 cases like that.

And we had about 25 last year, so I’m hoping that that means that people are learning their lesson and not putting themselves in the circumstance. And then some of it I think has to do with programs that they have in school about drinking and driving and that kind of thing.

You know the DARE Program is the first thing you think about.  There used to be a DARE Program in just about every school district, where they’d talk to kids in sixth or seventh grade about drugs and alcohol and about how it’s important not to do that kind of thing.

And too unfortunately they seem to be dying out.  There are not nearly as many programs as there used to be with that drug and alcohol education.