How Much will your Insurance go Up?

downloadOne of the largest long-term consequences of a DUI conviction is increased insurance rates. Do you know how much they could go up? According to a new report, DUI is, on average, the most expensive charge you could get in terms of insurance premium costs.

While the increase varies by state, on average you can expect your insurance rate to jump by 92% if you’ve been convicted of DUI. That’s an astounding rate! It can go up even more if compounded with other charges. Reckless driving can raise it by 83%. The next highest is a relatively low 29% for speeding over 31 MPH. Often, reckless driving and DUI charges are filed at the same time.

In Pennsylvania, the costs are 55% higher for DUI and 49% for reckless driving. The lowest is for a seatbelt violation at %5.

“Most consumers are unaware of how much insurance rates go up even for a minor traffic violation, such as speeding a few MPH over the posted limit,” said Laura Adams, senior analyst at “In many states, drivers can keep small speeding tickets and other minor infractions off their records by going to traffic school or taking a defensive driving course, up to a limited number of times.”

If you’ve been charged with DUI and are afraid of the cost of a lawyer, consider the long term costs of your insurance premiums being raised if you get convicted. Then call an experienced DUI lawyer like Steven Kellis for a free consultation.