Homestead Man Faces Involuntary Manslaughter Charge After DUI

Drunken driving is one of those accusations that not only has legal repercussions, but social repercussions, as well.  This is made a lot worse when someone is injured or killed in an accident. The accused may not have been drunk or may have had a lapse of judgment that lead to tragedy. Whatever the case, it is important to keep in mind that everyone involved has rights, even those who face drunk driving charges.

A Homestead man is facing charges of involuntary manslaughter, homicide by vehicle while driving drunk, and other related crimes after the death of a man in Duquesne.

According to Allegheny County police, the 30-year-old driver was driving recklessly while under the influence of alcohol when his Lexus slammed into a Grand Am driven by a 41-year-old man, who had stopped to let traffic pass. The Grand Am struck an apartment building and its driver died on the scene.

The accused’s attorney declined to comment.

A passenger in the suspect’s vehicle was also injured in the crash, according to county police. The passenger reported that the two were at a club in Homestead and had no idea how much the driver had to drink when he was offered a ride.

The driver of the Lexus had a blood alcohol level of 0.221, according to police reports, more than 2 1/2 times the legal limit for driving in Pennsylvania. As for the driver, he said the driver of the Trans Am had pulled out in front of him.

The accused in this case has been shown to have two pending DUI cases listed in online court records, for incidents which occurred in 2013.

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