Historic Gates Rammed in Alleged DUI Crash, Driver Might Have to Pay

downloadProperty damage cases related to DUI charges can sail through civil court pretty easily if there is a conviction. One driver may be facing a $70,000+ bill to replace a pair of historic gates.

On New Year’s Eve, a driver rammed the gates of the Allegheny Cemetery, shattering the wrought iron. The gates were original to the 168-year old cemetery. The caretakers of the cemetery say that they will try to seek full restitution for the restoration of the gates and using some of the original metal.

The driver of the vehicle appeared for her hearing today. Luckily for her and her passenger, neither were hurt at all after the crash, but she was charged with DUI and reckless endangerment. This is her second DUI, and she has other past driving related charges. She waived her right to a hearing and was released on her on recognizance.

Since she was knocked out at the crash, she was taken to the hospital. It is likely that they have evidence of DUI from a blood test. These can be very difficult to defeat. Direct BAC measurement is one of the strongest pieces of evidence. And then there’s the matter of the gates. While this woman is lucky that no further damages happened, there are a lot of consequences ahead.

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