Fight DUI in Court, not during your Arrest

images (7)If the police catch you doing something you shouldn’t have, the place to fight it is during court, not during the arrest. Performing actions that could be considered resisting arrest will only make your case worse. Unfortunately, truly drunken drivers may not have the mental capacity to remember this.

One Beaver County woman is now facing DUI, resisting arrest, and open lewdness after a crash investigation. Police were called to the scene of an accident and found the driver in her car. The airbags were deployed, but for some reason she was naked from the waist down. She refused to put on her pants or leave the vehicle.

Officers eventually dragged her from the vehicle and found an empty bottle of alcohol on the seat. She had been sitting on it. She continued to refuse to put on clothes even after she was in the police cruiser. She also managed to kick out one of the windows, which gave her a trip to the hospital. Once there she refused to take a drug test, and still continued to not put on pants.

Remember, if you’re confronting the police you need to know your rights. Why do you have the right to remain silent? Because “anything you say can be used against you in the court of law.” Let us speak for you in your DUI case. Call Steven Kellis if you’ve been arrested for DUI in the state of Pennsylvania.