Father and Son Lead Police on Chase

Nevele Otseog

A father and son have been arrested after having led police officers on a lengthy chase Saturday night.

According to official reports, Pennsauken Police officers were pursuing a Dodge Caravan in Philadelphia. The driver of the vehicle, Jacob Allen, 20, and his father, 45-year-old Scott Allen, both have warrants for their arrest in connection with several area burglaries.

Police say that the Dodge Caravan struck several police vehicles as well as a Hess terminal during the chase.

During the pursuit, Philadelphia Police officers took over as the suspects drove through the streets of Manayunk. The chase finally ended near the intersection of Ridge Avenue and Conarroe Street in Roxborough shortly after 9:00 p.m. when an officer in pursuit managed to pin the Caravan against a parking meter.

Once stopped, police say that both father and son were then taken into custody. Authorities state that Scott Allen also has an active warrant for his arrest out of Woodbury, New Jersey.

Scott Allen was charged with fugitive of justice. Jacob Allen was charged with DUI, fleeing and eluding, and other related offenses. Both men will be facing related burglary charges according to investigators.

No one was hurt during the chase in spite of extensive damage done to police vehicles during the incident.

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