Fatal accident, but was there really alcohol?

Fatal accidents can be caused by many different things. Bad judgment, alcohol, stress, the actions of another driver… it takes time and expertise to figure it out. Police are left picking up the pieces to figure out what went wrong.

The accident happened in Dover very early in the morning. The driver was driving a large van. As she approached a curve, the vehicle overturned and rolled several times before stopping in a pond. Neither the driver nor her passenger were wearing seatbelts and were thrown out of the vehicle. The passenger died, and the driver is still recovering.

Police have said that alcohol and speeding may have played a factor in the crash, but without more knowledge it’s hard to say. Vans are notoriously top-heavy, and can tilt easily on a turn. The lack of seatbelts shows a lapse of judgment, but not necessarily a presence of alcohol. It was also very dark at the time, and they might not have seen the curve in time.

Questions like these will surely come into play if the police decided to charge the driver with DUI. All angles need to be examined before settling on that charge, since it can be so damaging to a person’s life. If you have been charged with DUI, Kellis Law is ready to defend you. Call our offices today.