Entrapment Harms Everybody

Wells P. Wilson

The scope of the government stings were supposed to target the worst criminals who had lengthy criminal histories. This is all being reexamined by a Philadelphia federal court. An undercover video obtained exclusively by WPVI-TV/DT Action News in Philadelphia candidly depicts the inner operations of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) which is accused of entrapping people with the stash house stings.he federal government is accused of targeting African Americans and other minorities in stash house stings. Undercover police video footage indicates that some of the defendants were entrapped in raids that were motivated by race in both Philadelphia and other areas around the United States. The video was obtained as a part of a current federal lawsuit which alleges that the ATF willingly and knowingly entrapped defendants by encouraging them to commit a crime.

The operation works when a confidential informant goes to police, offering to identify a crew of allegedly dangerous criminals with a large cache of drugs sitting in a house.When the crew shows up and attempts to rob the drug dealer, they supposedly will be able to walk away with cocaine that has a street value of a million dollars. The stash house and the drugs, however, are non-existent.

When police actions move into entrapment, cases get thrown out. DUI cases can sometimes be challenged by asking if the police entrapped the individual, especially when DUI checkpoints are involved. When evidence is gathered incorrectly or illegally, a defense lawyer can file a motion to suppress evidence. This motion is based upon the notion that evidence obtained as the product of a search or seizure that violates the Constitution and therefore must be suppressed. Following a hearing and oral argument, the court will rule on the motion to suppress. If the court grants the motion, the prosecution will be prevented from introducing any evidence seized as a product of the illegal search and/or seizure.

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