DUI Liability Very Low for Valet Parking Services

Lehigh Valley, PAThe responsibility of a valet is to provide a safe haven for customers’ vehicles while they are out, whether it be a hotel, bar or casino facilities. It is legally acceptable that they provide the keys to the owners’ vehicle once requested.  But are we to be held fully accountable for our actions while forcefully intoxicated, should the bartenders’ responsibility to cut off the obviously intoxicated? It has been a point of question whether owners should be returned their car keys after having a “jolly time”.

The Pennsylvania’s Dram Shop Law holds bar owners and bartenders who serve noticeably drunk patrons responsible for any damages incurred in their state. This law however is not extended to valets as they do not possess a liquor license confirmed Michael Rosenweig, partner at Edgar Snyder and Associates and teacher of tort law at the University of Pittsburgh. President of the South Side Chamber of Commerce, Kim Collins stated that the valet service was devised to offer complete transportation plan to keep car owners from parking on residential streets and that valet companies have agreed to provide shuttle service to persons unfit to drive.

On January 2011, 38 year old Richard Moranko left the Luzerne County Mohegan Sun Casino visibly intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of 0.329, exceeding the threshold for drunken driving by four times. He was offered no assistance in his state and was given his keys where he later collided with a tractor-trailer, and died. His mother sued the casino but lost, with reason being that there was no evidence confirming Moranko had been drinking during his visit. In another incident, a Florida appeals court ruled in favor of the bar, where another male was evidently too intoxicated to operate his vehicle. He later had an accident, and killed his female passenger.

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