DUI leads to DUI leads to DUI

Three friends, one after the other has each been charged with DUI over the weekend. Carmen Reatequi, 34, of Whitehouse Station was pulled over by a patrolman for swerving on Route 22 East. Officers administered field sobriety tests which she failed. Police said that they would release the woman if she could arrange to get a ride for herself.

Reatequi called her friend, Nina Petracca, 23, for the ride. When Petracca arrived at the station, Patrolman Peter Serrone began to explain the potential liability form to her. Petracca stated to the officer that she had driven to the station. Patrolman Serrone noticed that Petracca was also displaying signs of being intoxicated. Serrone administered sobriety tests in the lobby of the building to Petracca, which she failed.

Petracca then called Ryan Hogan, 33 to ask him for a ride. Again, the officer was explaining the potential liability form to Hogan when police again detected the scent of alcohol. Hogan also appeared to be intoxicated. Hogan also failed police administered sobriety tests, and was also charged with DUI. All three drivers were later released to a sober adult. The three are scheduled for a court appearance in January of 2014.

It isn’t often that three related DUI arrests will happen like this. Depending on how the field sobriety tests were handled by police, each of these drivers could potentially have their DUI charges reduced or even dismissed.

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