DUI Driver Rams Into SEPTA Police Car

botn1945Everyone deserves to have their side of the story told. All too often, guilt is simply assumed when it comes to the possibility of drunk driving. There are a great many mitigating circumstances that few every account for, which can easily be overlooked if the defendant does not have a competent and skilled DUI defense attorney on his or her side. DUI law can be a complicated thing and it takes a keen legal mind to sort it out to the defendant’s benefit.

A SEPTA police officer was injured when his vehicle was struck by an alleged drunk driver.

The officer was in the Old City section of Philadelphia around 4 in the morning when a white SUV slammed into his car. The impact was hard enough to drive the officer’s cruiser into a light post and up onto the curb.

An unidentified driver was arrested for drunk driving. Media reports say the driver had a blood alcohol level of .149, which is twice the legal limit.

The officer did not suffer any life-threatening injuries. After the accident, he was transported to Jefferson Hospital where he was listed in stable condition and continues to recover.

The driver of the SUV was uninjured.

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