DUI Driver Hit Hard after Multiple Incidents

Wikimedia CommonsThe impact of an accident can last for years or even a lifetime, and often times the victims want to seek justice within the limits of the law.

On October 30, Cynthia Onofrio was on her bike when she was hit by DUI driver Vincent Marini.  The impact shattered her bike and helmet, and she suffered spinal fractures. Her spine is now being held with pins and bars.  Onofrio believes that Marini should be in jail and had been fighting for justice in her case, but was not notified of the court hearing after inquiring frequently for weeks beforehand.

The judge sentence Marini to seven month license suspension and to pay fines, and acknowledged that Marini’s driving record was reprehensible. He had 8 suspensions and 28 violations, with four for careless driving, and four for speeding. Onofrio believes that is she had been able to testify, he may have gotten jail time, as prescribed by law. The prosecutor has filed a motion to reopen the case, so that she can seek justice.

The criminal court system is set up to protect the rights of the victims and defendants, so that justice can be done. Each side is given equal time to make preparations, call witnesses and assemble experts to testify on their behalf. If a defendant can’t afford a lawyer, then they can ask the court to provide one for them. This ensures that everyone is given a fair shake.

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