DUI Charge is the 6th for Delaware Man

Everyone deserves a fair trial, no matter what the accusation. There are some who feel like DUI is a special crime that deserves harsher treatment than other infractions, but that’s not the case. Whether the first offense or not, each case should have a fair hearing, keeping the rights of the accused in mind at all times. A good attorney will make sure that happens.

A man from Frederica, Delaware was arrested by Delaware State Police for a 6th DUI offense after he crashed, according to police.

Police say troopers responded to a crash involving three vehicles on the Milford-Harrington Highway (SR14), at about 5 in the evening.

According to authorities, the 30-year-old Frederica man was driving his 1994 GMC Sierra pick-up truck and stopped at the stop sign of an intersection. Police say he pulled out too soon and collided with a Dodge Durango crossing the intersection at the same time. According to police, the pick-up continued on to hit a Honda Civic which was waiting for a turn at the stop sign.

Everyone in the crash was treated by medical professionals and released. No one had any life-threatening injuries.

Police charged the truck driver with DUI – his 6th offense. Police say his first arrest was back in 2001.

Currently, the driver is being held on $14,500 cash-only bond.

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