Drunk Driver Hits and Kills Woman in Wheelchair

The driver who was responsible for the death of a wheelchair-bound woman and the injury of a teen pedestrian has been found by police.

Authorities have identified Andrew Acito, 29, of Glenolden Acito to be in connection with the accident. Investigators say that while Elaine was sitting in her wheelchair in the median of Lehigh Avenue at Mascher Street located in the Fairhill area when she was struck by Acito in a white 2004 Ford F-250 pickup truck. Acito then immediately struck the 18-year-old girl before fleeing the scene.

Both Elaine and the teen were transported to the hospital. Elaine later died of injuries that she sustained in the crash. The 18-year-old pedestrian was released from the hospital. She was able to identify Acito’s vehicle to investigators.

Police arrested Acito and have charged him with DUI, Homicide by Vehicle while DUI, Involuntary Manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident and other related offenses.

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