Bus Driver Mistakenly Takes Kids Back to School

downloadIt goes without saying that we expect who are entrusted with the safety of children to take every reasonable precaution to keep them safe and out of harm’s way. For one Pennsylvania bus driver, however, may have not met that expectation and could be facing some serious consequences as a result.

According to police officials, Benton Area School District driver, Jennifer Watson, took the children on her route back to school instead of taking them home after classes had concluded for the day. The driver later acknowledged having eaten raisins that had been soaked in gin. The driver further claims that the spiked fruit help as a headache remedy.

Students told officials that Watson had been exhibiting belligerent behavior which included yelling, cursing as well as swerving the bus during the afternoon route. At least one student said that the driver appeared to be driving her morning bus route rather than the one taken when taking students home.

Police in Columbia County have filed charges against Watson. The charges include DUI and reckless driving. Officers and Watson’s supervisor were waiting for her when she took the children back to school.

Sometimes it is not necessary to consume alcohol in order to be facing charges of DUI. It is possible that a DUI charge can be levelled if you are behind the wheel while you are under the influence of prescription or even over the counter medications as well. Some alternative medicines can also potentially cause a similar reaction depending on a number of factors.

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