Driver that Flipped Car may get DUI Charge

download (19)What is the first thing that you think of when a vehicle turns over in a crash?  The first thing that we wonder is whether everyone involved is okay and in good health.  We’ve seen what can happen to someone in an instant of distraction.

Perhaps it was a long night for the driver of a vehicle driving down Juniata Street near Salmon Street.  Maybe he was tired, or had some other issue. Whatever it was, he lost control of his vehicle, ramming into a parked car and flipping over onto its roof. Fortunately, the driver was okay.  There were only bumps and bruises, and police say that he should make a full recovery shortly.  He was taken to the hospital to be checked out, but that was only a precautionary measure.  While the man was at the hospital, a tow truck took the vehicle away from the scene.

While it’s fortunate that the man is doing well and escaped mostly physically unscathed, there is the possibility that the man who was driving the vehicle might be charged with DUI, as it was suspected as the cause of the accident. If you’ve had an incident with your vehicle and the police are suspecting DUI, give us a call.  We’re specialists in DUI defense and have represented hundreds who have been in similar situations.