Don’t Eat Pot at your Traffic Stop

It would seem surprising, but some people don’t know that driving under the influence of drugs can also be grounds for DUI. Even in states where cannabis is legal, the legal amount for impairment is very tiny. Of course, in most states, even having the drug can get you in big trouble.

That could be why one person took the strange step of trying to eat all of his cannabis when he got pulled over. According to the police, the man was pulled over for a traffic violation. They said they smelled alcohol in the vehicle and noticed a plastic bag. The officer first went to check the status of the license and found it was suspended.

When he came back, the plastic bag was missing and the officers found the man eating the cannabis that was in it. He managed to eat it all before officers could stop him. He is now out on bail.

It’s one thing to be caught carrying illegal drugs, but it’s another thing entirely for police to prove that you were under the influence of them while you were driving. At Kellis Law, we know the procedures the police use to test for impairment, and we know where things can go wrong. If you have been charged with DUI in the State of Pennsylvania, call us today for a free consultation before it’s too late.