Do They Have Enough Evidence?

download (26)Whenever a traffic fatality happens, a thorough investigation is mandatory. Some fatalities are true accidents, while others are definitely the fault of one of the parties involved. It remains to be seen which case is correct in today’s news story.

At about 6 PM in Somerset County a few days ago,  a motorcyclist collided into a truck that pulled out in front of him. The cyclist was thrown from the bike and died at the scene. Police told the news that they arrested the driver of the pickup truck and said he was intoxicated. Tellingly though, the AP said that at the time of the story they wouldn’t release the name of the individual arrested since there was no notification of the formal charges online.

It is likely that the police will try to pursue a DUI case, and probably other charges as well. We obviously don’t have the entire story since we weren’t there. However, any DUI lawyer should investigate the police’s side of the story for any holes or flaws. DUI conviction causes many problems, including suspended license, fine, community service, and possible jail time.

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