Craft Beers Now More Affordable Due to new State Alcohol Rules

download (5)The board of the state’s alcohol regulators recently interpreted rules surrounding the sale of craft beers has now made them more affordable to consumers. Now, due to this recent interpretation, the cost could be cut in half by allowing beer warehouses to sell 12-packs. According to Matt Allyn, founder of Meadville’s Voodoo Brewery, this new interpretation will definitely mean a boost for their business by allowing quantities of less than a case or a keg to be sold by the state of Pennsylvania’s 1,200 beer distributors. This gives consumers a chance to try new beers at a more affordable price.

Not everyone is pleased with the decision, however. Tavern owners expressed displeasure at the PLCB opinion because it will ultimately affect their bottom line. The board says that it will provide more convenience for consumers.

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