Construction Worker Killed by 19-Year-Old Drunk Driver

Nineteen-year-old Erick Lopez now faces serious charges after being charged with hitting and killing a construction worker in Chicago on Saturday.  The crash happened at 4:18 in the morning in the 4900 block of South Western Avenue.

Lopez allegedly was driving drunk on the Southwest Side of Chicago when he failed to use the proper lane and drove into a construction site.  Jose Tafoya of Merrillville Indiana was working at the site at the time and was hit by Lopez when he lost control of his vehicle.  Tafoya, the father of four, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Lopez has been charged with aggravated DUI resulting in an accidental death, having no car insurance, failure to carry or display a driver’s license, improper lane usage and failure to reduce speed.  The prosecutors released Lopez’s blood alcohol content after the accident which was recorded at 0.191 which is more than two times the legal limit in Illinois for an adult driver.

There were three passengers inside the car with Lopez.  All, including the driver, were injured as a result of the accident.  Lopez was denied bail at his hearing on Sunday, but he had not been taken to jail at the time of the hearing because he was still in the hospital.

In the U.S. there is a no tolerance policy against teens that drive drunk.  For them, a level over 0.0 can result in an arrest for DUI.  These arrests change lives forever.  It even eliminates some career possibilities.  That is why if you or a family member is arrested for underage DUI it’s important to contact a DUI attorney immediately.

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