Bill Introduced to Ban Powdered Alcohol

images (5)The manufacturers of Palcohol or powdered alcohol are now facing a bill introduced in the Pennsylvania State Legislature that would largely prohibit it within the state.

On Thursday, legislators in the State House passed a bill that would make it illegal to possess, sell or use the substance, which is derived from vodka. The bill was sent to the Senate.

Critics of Palcohol say that the ban is needed since it is potentially dangerous in the hands of children and that too much of the substance can easily be consumed if the powdered alcohol is added to other alcoholic drinks to make them even stronger.

State liquor regulators determined that it was illegal to sell the substance in Pennsylvania earlier this year.

The problem of drinking and driving is already a problem in this country. Regardless of how alcohol is consumed, anyone who gets behind the wheel after consuming alcohol and has a blood alcohol content of more than 0.08 percent is considered a crime. If you drink and drive, you can be arrested for DUI.

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