Be Careful This New Year’s Eve

Tim PearceNew Year’s Eve is the one night of the year when DUI incidents reach their peak.

Every year, more people use alcohol to help ring in the New Year. No matter what night of the year it is, however, drunken driving is never a good idea.

Jenny Robinson of AAA, affirms that the night of New Year’s Eve is the most dangerous time for drunken driving crashes: “In Pennsylvania last year, 41 percent of holiday weekend traffic deaths were related to alcohol use, compared to a 33 percent share of the total traffic deaths for the full year.”

Robinson says that those are some pretty solid number and went on to state that the rank of New Year’s Eve as any given year’s deadliest holiday in terms of alcohol-related fatalities as being consistent.

Wanting to celebrate ringing out the old year and is perfectly normal. But if you are going to celebrate, do so safely. Avoid harming yourself and others by not drinking and driving. Taxis and mass transit are available in order to keep celebrants safe.

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