Be Careful Driving this Season

download (30)It may surprise you to know this, but Thanksgiving is the deadliest day for DUI crashes, even though it’s not a traditional drinking holiday like New Year’s or St. Patrick’s Day. Beer distributors report their biggest sales during the day before.

They believe it is due to the combination of factors, including college students getting a break and family members stocking up before the football game at their homes. A lot of non-traditional alcohol buyers come in around this time. One person in the report even reported that they stock up on their annual supply around this time.

Yet it is also a very dangerous time to drive due to all the alcohol being sold. According to the Pennsylvania DUI association, Pittsburgh Chapter, there were 551 impaired crashes in 2013. That’s more than the amount for Christmas and New Year’s combined.

If you are planning to drive during this holiday season to a party or to go see family, please pay special attention to the roads and to your drinking. Unfortunately there are a lot of careless drivers on the road during this time. Getting pulled over for a DUI at a traffic stop is one thing, but getting a charge of DUI manslaughter is far worse.

If you’re charged with a DUI, contact an experienced PA DUI lawyer today.