Bars to Be Open Late During DNC


Republicans and Democrats alike are barreling forward toward the November election. This year’s Democratic National Convention is set to take place in Philadelphia during the last week of July. During this time, Hillary Clinton is expected to officially accept the party’s nomination to be president. Her running mate will also be accepting his (or her) nomination.

Whether you want to celebrate the nomination or drink in sorrow, some Philadelphia bars will be open late during the week of the DNC. While attendees will likely enjoy this adjusted schedule, others in Philly who aren’t drinking may end up picking up the tab. After all, the later the last call, the more likely people will end up driving drunk.

Who the New Rules Covershutterstock_134857220

Jordan Schwartz, the host committee’s director of external affairs, said they were prepared to receive the
potentially hundreds of requests to stay open later. However, not every application resulted in a permit to do so. In fact, he stressed the fact that only certain establishments would qualify for the permit. In order for a bar to be allowed to stay open until 4 a.m., it must be “directly connected to the convention . . . and convention attendees.”

In addition, the permits also changes the rules for how and from whom liquor may be purchased. Under Pennsylvania law, all establishments must purchase their wine and liquor from state-run spirits and wine stores. These stores usually mark up their prices to cover taxes and other fees, and those upcharges are passed on to the end buyer (you). With delegates wanting to drink brews from their own hometowns, that rule has been suspended for the week.

Why It’s So Dangerous

shutterstock_138886097There is still some debate about the matter, but many experts believe that extending the hours during which bars and other establishments can serve hours is simply a bad idea. DIfferent studies have shown that it leads to an increase in violent crimes, while also increasing the risk of a DUI. After all, that friend you call when you’ve been drinking is already agitated from picking you up at 2 a.m. They likely won’t even wake up for a 4 a.m. call. In addition, later hours means you have more time to drink in public, decreasing your inhibition and increasing the odds of you making a bad decision.

If you do visit a bar that is allowed to open late and circumvent the regular liquor-buying process, you may find yourself getting cheaper drinks (though demand may keep prices up). Cheaper drinks means being able to afford more, which means getting drunker than you usually would. Whether your drink is $3 or $13, know your limit. Pace yourself, and drink plenty of water throughout the night.

Being at a bar later into the night is no excuse to drive drunk. There are plenty of ways to get home after a night of celebrating (or wallowing about) the Democratic nomination. Call an Uber, call a friend or have a designated driver. Having a drunk driving conviction on your record can be disastrous for any future life plans. If you have been charged with a DUI in Pennsylvania, get the representation you deserve. Call Steven E. Kellis today for a free consultation and to learn more about your legal options from an experienced PA DUI lawyer.