Are there any known factors that contribute to why teens drink and drive?

Obviously peer pressure is a big part of it from what we see and oftentimes you get two kids together who wouldn’t separately drink do drink because they push each other to places that they shouldn’t be. The other thing is the permissiveness that you would see either from parents or the community where they don’t take the matter seriously and don’t understand the ramifications.

But other than that I think that it’s part of the mystique of being a teenager, you know. The drinking and drugs and all that kind of stuff.It seems to be sensationalized by the community, I think. So kids are generally going to experiment with them.

Does binge drinking also contribute to teens getting behind the wheel while intoxicated?

Yes, I think so. And you’re going to most oftentimes see kids binge drinking and they won’t be drinking every day, but they’ll have a party and have five or six and that’s what creates the issue.