Are Public Officials Tried Early in the Media?

It has become an increasing trend lately to try public officials who have made mistakes in the past in the media. Such is the case of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Even when Mayor Rob Ford did admit to having bought illegal drugs while in office, colleagues nearly unanimously were encouraging him to step down from office.

Is it malicious politics or is it something else that motivates Mayor Ford’s colleagues and fellow Council members? It’s hard to say. Ford’s motion directing that every single council members to undergo hair analysis testing for drugs and alcohol rather than his naming names and similarly shaming some of them was deemed as being out of order.

An admission of having made a mistake does not necessarily make anyone an habitual criminal. Everyone is constitutionally guaranteed a trial by a jury of their peers. Even if you are accused of a crime and the media is trying to get the most sensational angle and try you in the spotlight, public opinion has nothing to do with guilt or innocence. That is why having a lawyer who has years of experience and who knows the law working for you so important.

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