All the Evidence Must be Weighed

download (24)There are many questions which come up in the course of a DUI investigation.  The first and primary question that must be answered is: was that person really intoxicated?  Before figuring out any charges or defense, that fact must first be ascertained. Once the person has been declared to be intoxicated, the next question is, ‘how intoxicated was this person?’ and that is done through either a blood test or a breath test.  Both tests have a wide range of complications associated with them.

Let’s take a look at a gentleman who was driving a Toyota 4Runner with his lights off.  He was also going the wrong way down a street, and refused to pull over his vehicle when the police approached. Behaving erratically, perhaps.  That’s still not a sure case of intoxication.  Putting people in danger, yes.  There were two women and three children in the car, the adults pleaded with the driver to stop.

While he might have been at fault for the endangerment, he might not have been driving under the influence.  The fact that there were both empty and full beer cans in the car was only reason for concern. The driver was driving on a suspended license for DUI, and was taken to the jail for suspicion of DUI.

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