A Suspended License Trap

download (49)Another tricky thing that can catch DUI drivers is points on their license. The criminal court system and the DMV systems that keep track of traffic violations are separate in a lot of ways. Even if you get acquitted of DUI, you could find yourself with a license suspension. Even if you’re a DUI lawyer yourself.

A DUI lawyer has lost his license for 18 months in the aftermath of his DUI case. He was driving 10 MPH in his car and was pulled over for slow driving. The lawyer said he was having a diabetic episode. His defense lawyer said that he should have been given a blood or urine test to confirm this, but it is unclear if one was given.

He was acquitted of both refusing a breath test and his DUI charge. But because he had points on his license from a previous DUI back in 1992, the points added from the recent stop kicked him into receiving a license suspension. A court ruling has upheld the DoT’s decision.

In this sort of situation, a lawyer skilled in traffic law may be necessary to clear the points off, but in order for that to happen the DUI has to be settled first. Don’t take chances with DUI. Don’t drink and drive, and don’t go to DUI court without a skilled PA DUI lawyer on your side like Steven Kellis. Call us today.