Woman Allegedly Sets Car on Fire in DUI Case

second-timeAt Kellis, we specialize in getting to the heart of the matter and finding the truth in any situation.  We are not biased by the media frenzy that seems to surround every DUI case that gets mentioned in the newspapers.  We go for the truth and present it in court. The media only gets one side of the story.

It was near midnight on a Saturday night when Doreen Bowman decided to return to the Fraternal Order of Eagles building where she had been earlier that night.  Apparently, she had set fire to her vehicle and when she returned the police stopped her.

She might not have brushed her teeth beforehand, however, because the officer smelled a bit of alcohol on her breath.  When the officer asked for her name, Bowman reputedly gave the officer a fake name.

The police were able to identify Ms. Bowman, as she had a warrant out for her arrest for charges of Offensive Touching.  Instead of facing the punishment for this rime, she decided that she would attempt to flee the scene altogether.

Bowman was thwarted.  She was charged with Criminal Impersonation, Failure to have insurance in possession, offensive touching, 3rd offense driving under the influence of alcohol, and resisting arrest.  Instead of paying the bond, she was remanded to the care of the Women’s Correctional Institution.

That’s the police’s story, but there are multiple ways that it could be challenged. Was it her car? Was she driving it? Did she set it on fire? It takes an experienced defense attorney to argue against the police’s version of events. If you believe that you have been unfairly arrested for a DUI, please give us a call.  We have the experience to help get you the decision you deserve.