Third Cruiser Crash in as many Weeks

download (63)Crashing into a police cruiser is a sure way to get the attention of an officer, but lately there’s been a string of crashes involving alleged drunk drivers in Philadelphia. The latest one caused the suspect’s vehicle to catch fire.

Early in the morning on Whittaker Avenue, a police officer was in the median with his emergency lights on. The suspect crashed into the cruiser and bounced off into a concrete pole at a high rate of speed. The officer was uninjured and was able to remove the driver as the car caught fire. The officer was uninjured but the driver had a broken leg.

While searching the car, the officer found a zipper bag with an unknown powder in it. The officer also reported smelling alcohol and the man having glassy eyes.

Another crash involved an officer on construction detail at Broad and Tioga streets. The officer involved in that crash had to go to the hospital. A third crash happened when a driver rear-ended a cruiser in West Philadelphia. The officer in that crash also had to be taken to the hospital.

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