Sometime Cops Get Too Zealous

Credit: dbkingWhen you are facing a DUI or other traffic related charge, it may not really have much to do with you at all. In one particular case it can be argued that even among law enforcement officers there are pressures on cops to write speeding tickets and make DUI arrests. Some cops will confide off the record that monthly quota for tickets or arrests are in place.

In many DUI cases, the result can boil down to on how your particular DUI charge was handled by police. When you drink and drive, it is a criminal offense. Being convicted of DUI offenses can have serious consequences in terms of not only insurance costs, heavy fines and jail time. You can lose your job for a DUI conviction or face other costs and penalties as a result. However, if the reasons for the charge are faulty and aren’t challenged, you could be facing all these penalties unfairly.

Steven E. Kellis knows the law and has been successfully representing those who are charged with DUI offenses in the Philadelphia area. He will thoroughly investigate how police handled your case and determine if you have a legal challenge. It is possible, in some cases, to have a case reduced in severity or even dismissed.

If you have been involved in a DUI accident or if you or a loved one is currently facing the charge of DUI, contact us. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you to schedule a confidential legal evaluation that is both free and without obligation.