Are You Sober Enough to Drive?

shutterstock_132918122Getting a DUI in Pennsylvania can be devastating to your criminal record, not to mention the safety risks to you and others on the road. People who choose to drink should always make smart decisions, and that includes knowing when you have had too much to get behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, one of the effects of alcohol is clouded judgement, so those who have been drinking may not have the right perspective to assess whether they are sober enough to drive. In these instances, calling a cab or getting a ride is usually the right call. However, some people may wish to get more information about whether or not they are enough of a Sober Sally to safely get behind the wheel. They can turn to several possible options to gain more information: 

Smartphone Apps

Your smartphone can provide valuable information resources to gauge how sober you are. These guides are far from scientific or legal advice, and they certainly don’t open up excuses when you still happen to make the wrong call, but they can nevertheless provide one more bit of needed information to help people who have been drinking decide what they should do next.

One such app is called “R U Buzzed.” As silly as the name sounds, it was developed by the Colorado Department of Transportation. The app can estimate what your BAC might be based on your body weight, the number of drinks you have had and the number of hours since you started drinking. Using this information, an estimated BAC is revealed.

Keep in mind that the app is only a guide and is far from perfect; factors like the strength of your drinks, your personal tolerance and the amount of food you have eaten can all affect your BAC beyond what the app indicates. Nevertheless, R U Buzzed does its best to answer the question in its title and keep impaired drivers off the road. It will even help you call a cab!

Personal Breathalyzer

The breathalyzers the police use are rigorously tested to scientific standards in order to ensure accurate, repeatable results that can be legally admitted as court evidence. As such, they cost $400–$600 — or more.

As you can imagine, a $100 personal breathalyzer is therefore far from a perfect substitute. Yet, it can help you learn far more about your BAC tendencies than any crude drink/time estimations. Make sure to research the product and to still keep in mind that the number may not be telling the whole story. Steer clear of products that carry $10–$40 price tags; they usually have terrible online reviews for a reason.

If You Make a Wrong Call and Get a DUI in Pennsylvania, Make the Right Call Next

We all make mistakes, and sometimes even when we feel perfectly sober we still should have decided not to drive. If this happens to you and you get a DUI in Pennsylvania, make sure to place the right call next: to a qualified Pennsylvania DUI lawyer.

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