NJ Turnpike Wrong-Way Driver Suspected of DWI Crashes at Police Station

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New Jersey State Police say a woman was not only driving while drunk, she pulled into the parking lot of a police station in the wrong direction while doing so.

Around 5 in the morning, officers working out of the Bass River Station received a call regarding a driver going north on the southbound lanes of the Garden State Parkway.

According to investigators, a trooper was leaving the station to investigate the report of the wrong-way driver when she saw the 56-year-old suspect of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, turn into the station from the southbound lanes and run into the curb as she tried to find a parking space.

The trooper immediately arrested the driver for DWI.

The wrong-way driver was charged with DWI, refusal to submit a breath sample, reckless driving, and driving the wrong way on a highway.

Spokespersons for the New Jersey State Police say the woman entered the southbound lanes when traveling north from the Atlantic City Service Area.

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