News Reporter Slips Up in Describing Suspect

images (7)Most DUI stories never even hit the news. A simple crash with no injuries, or someone just barely over the limit, might not be gripping enough to grab a reporter’s attention. Yet one news story of a simple nature showed how the news media could shape opinion before a DUI trial.

If you listen to the video in the linked report, the reporter talks about how an alleged drunk driver crashed into a police car and shows footage of the wreck. The officer was released from the hospital and is fine. That’s pretty much the entire story, but tellingly the reporter first calls the suspect a drunk driver, and not an alleged one. This goes against journalistic practice. She did recognize the mistake and corrected herself, but for a potential juror the damage may already be done.

Jurors have to be as unbiased as possible before hearing a case in order to provide a clear decision. If there is already prejudice against one side or the other that can cause a major problem in the proper functioning of justice in that case. Fortunately, such blatant journalistic slip-ups are rare.

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