More Motorcycle Fatalities

download (22)Saturday nights are famous for alcohol-related accidents.  They are popular for letting off a little steam, having one or two with the guys, or just having a shot or two to cool off.  When drinking responsibly, there’s no reason why adults shouldn’t be able have a drink or two.  We also believe, however, that these drinking individuals should stay at home while they’re drinking and avoid getting behind the wheel.

It was a perfect evening to party.  Unfortunately, that evening’s perfection was marred by an accident happening at Main Street and Hower Avenue.  A man hit a motorcycle, and the motorcyclist died. There are no other details which can be offered about the crash which happened, though it is believed that the man who hit the motorcyclist was intoxicated.  This alleged intoxication might, as police say, have been responsible for the event.

Charges for intoxication are pending in this crash.  The question is, was there really alcohol involved, or was it a case of being distracted from the wheel?  Accidents do happen, and they’re not all a result of DUI, nor should intoxication be the first thing looked at.

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