Man Found Guilty of Homicide by Vehicle

images (13)A man from Upper Gwynedd has been found guilty of Homicide by Vehicle for his connection to an April 2013 accident that killed a 21-year-old man in Salford Township where he left the scene of the deadly crash.

Sean Sperl lost control of his vehicle on a curve while traveling of speeds in excess of 80 mph, when the car struck a utility pole and split the car in half. The accident took the life of Ryan Petrille.

Court documents indicate that Sperl woke up in a shed hours later with no memory of the crash. Authorities measured Sperl’s blood alcohol content four hours after the deadly accident at more than 0.16 – more than twice the legal limit. However, Sperl’s attorney argued that Sperl may have been drinking while he was in the shed.

Even with the guilty verdict, however, a Montgomery County Jury found him not guilty of being under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. The additional DUI charge would have would have potentially meant a significantly longer jail sentence.

With the guilty verdict, Sean Sperl faces at least one year in prison after the jury found him guilty of Homicide by Vehicle because Sperl the scene of the accident. However, the additional charge of Homicide by Vehicle while Driving Under the Influence of alcohol would have carried a mandatory minimum sentence of three years.

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