Legislator Gets Lucky with DUI Sentence

philadelphia-county-300x200A Pennsylvania lawmaker, who had been accused of riding his motorcycle while under the influence, will be accepted into a program for first-time offenders, even though this latest DUI arrest will be his third.

According to court records, Senator Pat Browne (R., Lehigh) was charged in May after he crashed his vehicle on an I-78 off-ramp. At the time of the accident, tests indicated that Browne had a blood alcohol level of 0.09 percent, just slightly above the legal limit of 0.08 per cent.

Lehigh County Court Judge Kelly Banach has allowed Browne to enter into the state’s accelerated rehabilitative disposition program. If Browne abides by the conditions of the program, he will avoid a mandatory three-day prison term and $1,000 fine and the DUI incident will not appear on his permanent driving record.

This marks Browne’s third DUI in 20 years, with the prior DUI incident on record being 16 years ago. It was this length between arrests that allowed Browne to enter the program. As stated by the law, any drunken-driving arrest after 10 years is considered to be a first-time offense.

No matter who you are, the law is clear. Drinking and driving are against the law and can cost you in terms of jail time, fines and can affect your job as well.

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