Legislator Fighting for Ignition Interlock Devices instead of License Suspension

download (93)The chairman of the State Senate Transportation Committee, John Rafferty, has been on a mission to install ignition interlock devices into the cars of anyone who is convicted of driving under the influence. Currently, you must be convicted of two or more DUIs to have one of these installed. Rafferty believes that legislation can be passed this year to install one in all offender’s vehicles.

An ignition interlock device tests for the presence of alcohol in a person’s breath before the car can be turned on. The theory is that by forcing a breathalyzer test before the car can be turned on, it can stop a drunk person from getting on the road at all. Opponents of the devices say that they are easily circumvented by having someone else breathe into the tube.

The current legislation being considered states that if a first time DUI offender has a BAC of 0.10 or higher, then one of these devices must be installed. A former DUI offender has testified on behalf of the devices, saying they’re much better at controlling behavior than license suspensions, which could cause job loss. MADD has also come out in support of the devices.

If someone truly has a drinking problem, then such a device may be useful to prevent a dangerous situation. But for the many people who are arrested for DUI without a good cause, such as faulty breathalyzer readings, then this would be an added burden. If you’ve been arrested for DUI, don’t let the prosecution kick you around. Hire an experienced DUI defense attorney like Steven Kellis. Call today for your free consultation.