Four Vehicle Accident in Juniata

John SablemanTwo men have been injured in a four vehicle accident in the Juniata section of Philadelphia on Saturday morning. According to authorities, the accident occurred at Castor and Lycoming Avenues early Saturday morning. Police say the driver of a Dodge Charger hit a Kia, causing the Kia to flip over. The vehicle also managed to strike a parked Toyota SUV as well as a Pontiac.

Two men inside the Charger were taken to area hospitals and are currently listed in stable condition. The accident remains under investigation. Currently there is no word on whether the crash was alcohol related or if any charges are pending.

Over the holidays, it is natural to want to celebrate. A drink with a few friends is not necessarily a bad thing if you remember do so in moderation. If, however, you drink and drive and are stopped for DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, it is considered a criminal offense.

Being convicted of DUI has very serious consequences if you are convicted. You could be not only subject to higher insurance rates but have to pay heavy fines, and do serious jail or community service penalties. In many professions, having a DUI conviction means that you could lose your job.

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