Father Pleads Guilty to Daughter’s Death by DUI

Courtroom InteriorMost accidents, even those caused by DUI, end up as the fender bender type of crash. While it’s distressing and aggravating, it’s usually easier to overcome. All too many of these accidents, however, can end in tragedy, with someone severely injured, sometimes permanently. Sometimes, there is death. While nothing can take back these tragedies, it does no good to over-punish the cause of the accident, even if he or she had been drinking. Justice means the penalty is always appropriate to the cause. A good lawyer can help a defendant achieve that, while still respecting those who suffered harm.

A 30-year-old father and resident of Upper Moreland admitted that he was responsible for the death of his daughter before court. The girl was only two months old when he caused her fatal injuries after a night of drinking.

The father told the judge that his own actions caused him to lose his daughter. Tearfully, he recounted how the best part of his day was coming home from work and seeing her smile. He pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, admitting that not only had he caused her death, but he failed to get medical treatment that could have saved her life.

His attorney says he doesn’t know if his client was just too drunk to call for help or not. He surmises the father was so frightened and upset that he just didn’t know what to do.

The story is that the man was holding the child, then tripped and fell on her, but her injuries are not consistent with that account.

The father will be sentenced later in the year, but attorneys agree it cannot be more than 12 1/2 to 25 years.

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