Evesham Rolls Out Trolley Service for Drinkers

download (34)A township in South Jersey has recently launched a program that it hopes will reduce the number of DUI-related fatalities.

The fledgling program known as “Evesham Operation Saving Lives” will roll out over the weekend offering a free trolley service along with a new app for Evesham residents.

Township Mayor, Randy Brown recently talked about the program. “If you’re an Evesham resident and you’re in one of our businesses that sells alcohol or you’re in one of our restaurants or bars, we are going to bring you home for free. We are going to transport you home.”

The app that will interact with smart phones will let both restaurants and patrons know when the next trolley is due to arrive.

Evesham Township Police Chief Christopher Chew indicated that the goal of the program was to eliminate DUI / DWI offenses by “providing an alternative to safely get home.”

Even though Evesham Township has not had a DUI-related death since 2009, Chief Chew said that there has been a spike in DUI arrests. He believes, however, that the new program, which is completely funded through state grants and donations from various civic organizations in the community, will, “have a significant impact in decreasing the amount of DWI/DUI crashes and fatalities that occur each year.”

Communities around the country are making a concerted effort to cut down on the number of arrests involving drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. With fewer DUI or DWI drivers on the road, there will also be a marked rate of fatalities involving drunken driving.

It’s only natural to want to go out and enjoy the evening or even celebrate a night on the town with friends and share a few drinks socially. Sometimes, however, people make poor choices and get behind the wheel before they are sober again. It’s much better to have a designated driver or to make use of programs such as the one just started in Evesham that will give you a safe ride home.

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