DUI Association Names Top Troopers

Kenneth LuTwo Alle-Kiski Valley State Troopers have been named among 81 officers who are designated as “Top Guns” by the state’s DUI Association for 2012.

State police Cpl. Christopher Robbins is assigned to the Kittanning station. Trooper Craig K. Johnson is based at Butler. Robbins and Johnson are considered to be drug recognition experts among their peers and are often asked by troopers or local officers to determine if charges should be filed for people who display indicators of impairment, but when suspects do not have a blood alcohol level exceeding the state’s 0.08 percent limit.

Drug recognition experts have specialized training and use a standardized multi-step process that includes blood pressure readings and other tests done at a hospital, Robbins said.

According to the article, driving under the influence crashes increased from 11,805 in 2011 to 11,956 alcohol-related crashes. Driving under the influence deaths decreased from 428 in 2011 to 404 last year.

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