What You Need to Know About Doylestown DUI Checkpoint Arrests

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Like most areas of the U.S., Doylestown Township has a robust DUI checkpoint program. The city reserves the right to put up a checkpoint any time they deem a need for it. Most commonly, checkpoints will be set up on days when there is typically a spike in intoxicated driving, such as on a holiday or a popular getaway weekend.

Usually, the city will notify locals through a press release on the Doylestown Township Police Department website. Every time local precincts erect a DUI checkpoint, they must have a predetermined plan for executing the checkpoint, not discriminating against certain drivers or vehicles, ensuring tests for intoxication are valid, and to generally honor the rights of citizens.

If you are arrested at or near a DUI checkpoint, know that you have legal rights to defense. You can appoint a DUI defense lawyer in Doylestown to represent you and help you reduce or beat the charges. With 25 years of experience representing Pennsylvania residents, Steven E. Kellis has the knowledge and strategies you need to form a strong DUI defense.Call (267) 314-6693 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-obligation case review with a Doylestown DUI defense attorney.

Most Recent DUI Checkpoints in Doylestown

(Updated May 2020)

As of the time of writing this informational resource, the state of Pennsylvania remains under partial stay-at-home and social distancing orders because of the risk of novel coronavirus infection. In turn, driving activity in the state of Pennsylvania has gone down, and so has police enforcement attempting to thwart DUIs.

With this in mind, the most recent DUI checkpoint locations in Doylestown Township, PA on public record include:

DUI Statistics for Doylestown

Bucks County, where Doylestown Township is located, had 2,048 DUI prosecutions in 2018. As a percentage of total Court of Common Pleas cases, DUI cases made up 27.5% of the docket. For comparison, the state of Pennsylvania has DUIs make up 25.2% of its cases across all Court of Common Pleas.

Can You Turn Around to Avoid a DUI Checkpoint?

Yes, you can legally turn around to avoid a DUI checkpoint in Pennsylvania. Technically, an arresting officer cannot use the fact that you turned around as evidence of guilt for the commission of a crime. 

However, know that any traffic violations – or “suspicious behavior” – you commit as you turn to avoid the DUI checkpoint can justify a traffic stop. Police officers who see you obviously avoid the stop will use any reason they can to pull you over, question you, and attempt to sniff out probable cause for an arrest or citation.

Common reasons officers give for pulling someone over when they avoid a DUI checkpoint include:

  • Headlights not turned on
  • Improper turn
  • Deviating from lane
  • Uncontrolled acceleration
  • Loud music or erratic behaviors
  • Illegal U-turn

Know that you must obey all direct officer instructions once you approach the DUI checkpoint. This means you cannot permissibly turn around once an officer points towards your vehicle and directs you to a checkpoint lane. You also cannot simply drive through the checkpoint if you are asked to stop. You WILL be pulled over in these cases!

What Are Your Rights When Defending Against a DUI Checkpoint Arrest?

DUI checkpoints in Pennsylvania have to be legally organized and executed. The officers arranging the checkpoint need to create a plan, have that plan reviewed, and follow through with the plan for any arrests made during the checkpoint to be prosecutable. The officers must also use approved methods for detecting and testing intoxication. For example, they must use approved breathalyzer devices that have been calibrated properly.

If an officer fails to execute the DUI checkpoint properly or they don’t have valid reasons to question or arrest you, it can count as a violation of due process. Speak with an experienced Doylestown DUI lawyer if you have been arrested at a checkpoint or anywhere else in the area. They will help you evaluate your case for possible defenses, including whether the arrests at the checkpoint were constitutionally enforceable according to state and federal laws.

Contact an Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer

Getting busted at a checkpoint can be a mortifying experience, but it doesn’t have to mean you face the lifetime consequences that can come from a DUI conviction.

Talk to a lawyer in Doylestown who can help you determine the best strategies available. You may be able to reduce your charges, plea bargain for a lesser sentence, have certain evidence or charges invalidated, or beat your charges entirely. The possible outcomes all depend on your unique circumstances.Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with Steven E. Kellis today when you call (267) 314-6693 or contact us online.