Charges Filed in Old Car Crash

car accidentA car accident can be a traumatic event for anyone, but it is especially painful when a young person dies.

In O’Hara Township, police are searching for a suspect in an automobile accident. Jared Schillinger crashed into the back of an 18-year-old girl’s car on Route 28, causing her automobile to roll over. During the roll over, Rikki Fleming was thrown out of her car. She succumbed to her injuries. Schillinger is wanted for driving under the influence and homicide. Fleming’s parents held a vigil for her in Etna, where she was remembered by family and friends. Her mother is particularly distraught, saying that she had lost her friend and her daughter.

After an accident, especially a fatal one, all the parties involved would be wise to seek out the help they need, both physical and mental. In addition to broken bones and muscle injuries, post-traumatic stress syndrome can occur, as well as depression and anxiety attacks. Many hospitals have chaplains that patients and family members can talk to about their feelings during treatment. Churches and universities also offer counseling programs for little or no-charge, including grief counseling.

People who have been arrested for driving under the influence are entitled to legal counsel and assistance after they have been charged. A lawyer is essential to help understand the system and what rights are available to them. The legal team of Kellis Law offers free, no-obligation initial consultations with Pennsylvania DUI lawyers to people who need help after getting hit with a DUI. Contact them today!