Be Careful if you Serve Alcohol at Home

download (8)Pittsburgh celebrants of St. Patrick’s Day will be getting into the full swing this weekend leading up to the day on Tuesday. If you are planning on throwing a party in your own home marking this important cultural holiday, checking ID’s at the door may be a good idea for homeowners. It is against the law to serve alcohol to minors, even in your own home. Failure to prevent such a thing can, it can mean hefty fines and lawsuits. The City of Pittsburgh has also enacted its own social host ordinance. However, the city of Pittsburgh ordinances carry lesser penalties with a fine of $500 and up to 72 hours behind bars.

Property owners have a unique responsibility to be aware of what is going on their own property and are the ones who can put a stop to it. Because there are many college students in Pittsburgh during this time for spring break, property owners have to be extra vigilant. Underage drinking is a problem in our society. Even with the best of intentions, things happen and you could find yourself facing legal troubles. If convicted, a DUI charge can result in loss of income and your job as well as higher insurance rates.

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