Assault Charges Dropped in Toddler Crash, but DUI Questions Remain

images (35)A Dunbar couple who were facing felony assault charges after their toddler was thrown from an all-terrain vehicle they were driving has had those charges thrown out by a judge.

According to court documents, Fayette County prosecutors acknowledged that the two most serious charges — aggravated assault and aggravated assault by vehicle while under the influence – were not warranted because the 18-month-old boy had not suffered serious bodily injury.

At the time of the incident, State police believed that Eric Ritenour, 24, and Krystal Hall, 25, had been under the influence of prescription pills that had been found at the scene immediately following the crash on September 17th.

At the time of the accident the toddler was treated at an area hospital. He did not have a serious head injury as investigators first believed.

The couples remained in jail and were ordered to stand trial on the remaining charges. The charges include child endangerment, driving under the influence and simple assault; all of which are considered misdemeanors.

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