Arrested for Sixth DUI Charge

It is a fact that in our society you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Of course, sometimes assumptions of guilt are easy to make if you have made similar mistakes in the past. Take this case of a Dover man who was recently arrested on his sixth DUI charge.

At 4:38 P.M on March 21th 2014, law enforcement was dispatched to Royal Farms, located on West Lebanon Road and South State Street. Authorities indicate that a man was found to be asleep inside a vehicle that was running.

According to Pennsylvania State Troopers, Titus W. Hobbs was found asleep in his vehicle, with his foot on the brake, slumped over in the vehicle and sleeps.  Officers found that Hobbs was slumped over in the vehicle asleep.  A DUI screen was conducted by law enforcement officers who later took Hobbs into custody under suspicion of felony DUI.

A check for prior convictions revealed that Hobbs had had five DUI convictions prior to this latest arrest.

Hobbs was arraigned on the Felony DUI charge, and then released on a $5,000.00 cash bond.

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