20-Year-Old Driver Facing 40-Years in Prison for DUI Accident

In the United States it is illegal to drink if you are under 21 years old.  For drivers under the legal drinking age, the legal limit is 0.00.  The U.S. has a No Tolerance policy for underage teens that choose to get behind the wheel after drinking.  Penalties for the underage drinkers that do decide to drink and drive are sometimes extremely harsh.  One mistake can change a life forever.

In Las Vegas, a 20-year-old driver pleaded guilty to felony charges for driving under the influence and causing substantial bodily harm.  The accident that happened on April 1, 2013 could have been a lot worse.  On that day, Lindsey drove his 1993 Lexus through the wall of a busy restaurant near the Las Vegas strip. There were many injuries as a result, but no-one was killed.

Following the accident, Lindsey tested positive for Xanax and marijuana. Because of the drugs in his system and seriousness of injuries suffered by restaurant patrons, Lindsey faces up to 40 years in prison for his bad decision. This would make him 60-years-old when released.

The defendant’s attorney advised the local paper that he will ask for leniency when Lindsey is sentenced in late July.  However, victims in the crash will also be at that sentencing hearing to explain to the judge how the accident changed their lives.  It is unknown if the judge will find leniency for this young man that made a terrible mistake.  What is clear is that this accident will change his life forever.

Are plea deals a good idea?  Sometimes yes and sometimes they are not.  In a case like this jail time is most likely inevitable but an experienced DUI attorney will look at the big picture.  How was evidence obtained?  Does the evidence fit the charge?  Some DUI’s will qualify for alternative programs.  The DUI lawyer will look into these programs and advise you if you may qualify.

When hiring an attorney for representation for a case such as Lindsey’s it is important to make sure the attorney you choose will fight for you and your rights.  Drug intoxications are harder to prove so before a plea deal is taken, it’s important to exhaust all avenues of proving the evidence does suggest beyond a reasonable doubt that drugs were the cause of impaired the driving.

Steven Kellis is an experienced DUI Defense attorney that will fight hard for you.  He understands that not every case is the same and treats each case and defendant the best way possible for the facts associated with the case.  Call an experienced Pennsylvania underage DUI lawyer today for a free evaluation of your case.